Having worked through the ruins of Cazu, which are not terribly difficult for a reasonble level party (mine are Level 18 at this point) I left with some interesting loot, I'm actually equipping stuff again rather than just selling it all.  Buza is just to the West of Cazu, I dropped in there and was set upon by some nastys so dropped out again and an heading for the ruins of Azaa, which so far seem somewhat less dangerous.

I've updated the quests page with details of the main quests, trying not to give too much away, and if anybody wants to correct me with which crystals are orbs, and which are gems, and which crystals are some other type of crystal please feel free!

I guess the side quests are best placed in chronological order along with the main quests of the same level, I'll drop those in when I get chance.

Happy exploring....

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