• Watersprite231

    So you've got the skyboat and reached cragshore, heading north - not if you believe the villagers, apparently there are dangerous creatures up there.  Ha! we're brave warriors, we've been handling tough creatures since we left Larkwood, so I ignored them and went adveturing.

    First battle, only lasted 2 rounds, it was so easy for then to smash me to pieces, back to the saved game

    Moral, the locals know best!

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  • Watersprite231

    Fixed my Buzzer

    July 16, 2015 by Watersprite231

    Have leveled my team up to 19 and suddenly Buza seemed much easier.  It's just a question of plodding through and surviving, so many battles here that Igot offered a free save!

    Thats the thrid crystal collected so back to Gargutan to sell the loot and SAVE!

    Now for that golumn, Judging from the amount of damage I was doing it seems to have around 20 - 25 thousand hit points, it took 44 rounds to beat it, 6 or 7 life stones, and more mana potions than I can rememeber.  Memorable moment : My bishop receiving a critical hit for well over 3000 hit points, more than twice his max !

    I still managed to beat it first time, used plenty of miasma spells and the lightning power up for my team so even the magic users could hit or over 100 if not healing …

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  • Watersprite231

    A Tsar in pieces

    July 14, 2015 by Watersprite231

    Having worked through the ruins of Cazu, which are not terribly difficult for a reasonble level party (mine are Level 18 at this point) I left with some interesting loot, I'm actually equipping stuff again rather than just selling it all.  Buza is just to the West of Cazu, I dropped in there and was set upon by some nastys so dropped out again and an heading for the ruins of Azaa, which so far seem somewhat less dangerous.

    I've updated the quests page with details of the main quests, trying not to give too much away, and if anybody wants to correct me with which crystals are orbs, and which are gems, and which crystals are some other type of crystal please feel free!

    I guess the side quests are best placed in chronological order along with t…

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  • Watersprite231

    Broke My Kazoo

    July 13, 2015 by Watersprite231

    I'm playing my way through HoL, Some of the locations have been a bit tough to find and some of the clues are a bit vague, so hopefully the notes I've added to the wiki already will be of use to anybody who follows along behind.  I'll go back and try out some different character types to clean up the Larkwood and Brymor sections, unless somebody beats me to it. It seems so long ago I was puzzling those out, I can't remember all the details.

    I'm really please to have found this resource, so I can log what I've found, plus it saves me mapping it all, though I had mapped all of the ogre tunnels bu hand before I found these beautiful maps.

    More as I progress...

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