Okay, I've taken it upon myself to revamp this wiki. It's 6 months out of date. I'll post a blog detailing the updates, and I'll make an updated checklist for each thing I complete. Here are the updates that I plan on making:

1. Updating the list of monsters and adding a pic and page for each one.

2. Updating the quest because there's definitely more than one, and the monster item quests are either wrong or missing

3. Verify character stats. I have a feeling that the stat equations have been changed by now.

4. Update
    a. Item list
    b. Spell list
    c. Equipment list
    Add a pic and page for each addition

5. Reorganize and update Shop and Arena page

6. Finish Walkthrough

7. Add versions on version history page

8. Link the whole wiki together. Like every mention of an item will link to the item's page.

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