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Heroes of Larkwood

Heroes of Larkwood Cover Art


Dragon's Blade brings the classic turn-based fantasy RPG experience to your Tablet or PC! Inspired by the console games you played as a kid, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior, you'll enjoy classic turn-based combat while exploring a rich and colorful 2D world filled with dangerous monsters and magical treasure. Create your custom party from 9 different classes with unique abilities and set out on your adventure. You'll find challenging dungeons, unforgiving boss fights, dynamic item creation, and a deep elemental magic system that allows for virtually endless character customization.

  • Create a custom party from 9 different classes
  • Classic turn-based RPG gameplay
  • Cast spells, discover treasure, and customize your characters
  • Dynamic item creation allows for endless combinations

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  • Title Screen
  • Town
  • World
  • Battle
  • Equipment
  • Character Screen
  • Dungeon Battle
  • Crusader
  • Village
  • Item Screen
  • Inventory
  • Mountains
  • Overworld Battle

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