Heroes of Larkwood There are plenty of spoilers on this page.  Hey, what do you expect, it's a walkthrough!

Stats info.Edit

Strength increases the damage of normal and heavy weapons.

Agility increases the damage of light weapons. Agility also increases the speed at which your characters use their turn.

Every 1 point of armor reduces incoming melee damage by 1.

Every 2 points of main stat equals 1 melee damage. Spell damage/heal is percent based, but having higher main stat for the spell class mean higher power, and ability to cast higher level spells.

About gear and stats.Edit

The damage number under you character when equipping does not factor in damage gained from stats. Even if your damage would increase from a new weapon, bad stat-rolls might result in actual damage loss. Check the damage number in your character sheet and compare the gear using that as a reference point. When finding new gear, check the stats that the items are imbued with. For most of the gear you find, equip the ones with your main stat in them. Wardens gain damage from both Agility and Strength where as Barbarians gain only from strength and Shadowblades only from Agility. Later in the game the temptation of buying non-magical gear will drastically drop. The power gain from unenchanted gear is negligible when compared to elemental enchanted stat gear.

Don't be afraid to mix and match your gear with spell casters. Using a sword and shield with a wizard is possible and even recommended, if it means having higher focus.

Wisdom's usefulness is situational. If you don't have a pure-caster in your party, using wisdom for your semi-casters is slightly less useless than for pure-caster. The wisdom gain of Mystics is insane so emphasizing on focus or spirit is recommended. If you want to use wisdom at all, minor gear such as rings and helmets are a good choice for this, though I would recommend vitality instead. Having a huge mana-pool doesn't help you if you are one-shotted because you lack vitality. Mana-potions are a relatively cheap way to resupply your mana-pool.

Nukes and BuffsEdit

Don't overlook the buff-spells from spirit users. With  Wild boost and Unholy boost you can dramatically increase the overall survivability of your spell casters and with earthen boost you can improve the survivability of your other heroes. Using Earthen boost for melee damage dealers lets you focus entirely on finding damage oriented gear and the elemental damage bonus is just icing on the cake. The armor spells are a great plus. Finding a book of full party armor boost makes your life that much easier. Every 1 point of armor reduces incoming melee damage by 1.

The highest damage dealing spells are Explosion of Earth and Explosion of Lightning. The afterglow effect is an AoE damage and the chance for it is calculated per monster hit, not per spell cast, meaning you can actually get several afterglow effects from a single cast.

Spell stores re-roll their spell books every time you visit the main menu. If you don't find the book you are looking for, walk out of town, back in and you will be auto saved. Then return to main menu and load the auto save. The Spell books are rerolled. This is time consuming but it helps you optimize your spells and makes your game play that much easier. The healing, regeneration and mana-flow spells are not subjected to re-rolls. All armor, buff and damage dealing spells will be rerolled every time you visit the main menu.

Critical, afterglow and the rest Edit

The base chance for afterglow and critical is 5% (based on my calculations). The chance to proc an afterglow is calculated separately from critical and per monster hit, meaning you can get several criticals and afterglows at the same time. Thus far I have yet to witness and afterglow critical.

HoTs and DoTs are also subjected to criticals. The only exception from this is mana-regen spells. They can never crit.

The chance for Shadowblade to sneak attack is about 25%. The chance for berserk hit is 15%. I don't know the chance for ambush for Warden but it doesn't seem to be high (But then again I have never been blessed by the Random Number God).

Tips and TricksEdit


It's unclear if this is an exploit or not, but the chests also re-roll the items when you visit the main menu, so saving and reloading after every chest drop lets you find the best possible gear. This method is time consuming, annoying and the gained advantage is temporary, since moving to a new are will make your gear outdated instantly. Its a good idea to grind at least one level off of a new areas world map monsters. This makes the following dungeons less frustrating.

Buying potions is a great way to hasten your play through. Even if you have flow of mana, you still might be mana-starved after a long fight or grind. Remember, healing potions CAN crit while in a fight!

The most reliable source of damage is Spell Casting. When you miss, all possible damage dealt is negated. Spells never miss! DoT spells deal more damage than direct hit spells, but they are not subjected to afterglow effects. Direct damage spells can have an afterglow effect, which are listed in the Spells section.

The most cost-effective source of damage is melee. Melee attacks are subjected to miss chance, but cost nothing!

Written by Gryphindawn.


Larkwood Edit

This is the starting town, nothing too complicated, you are lead through the first quest in the cellars, then given the main quest to take some explosives to the mines where the goblins are and blow them up (heh heh heh). Along side that there is a tiny quest to find and return a bracelet, there is a guy in the north who's seen something sparkling in the pond find it and return it to it's owner somewhere to the south east. You'll also find clues about a hidden grove in the trees outside of town to the west, go search for it.

The hidden grove is west then north then east again

The First set of mines you find to the north is just a transition level to help you get used to fighting the bigger monsters, to get to the mines you actually want you have to enter the first set and leave by the other exit, then travel east, north and west again to the campsite where you can rest , the mine entrance proper is just to the northwest of camp.

Larkwood is the only town with a tinker, who can use various natural materials to enhance your equipment, for a price, this is not something I've made much use of except really early on.

Brymor Edit

Talk to everyone, and you will find an old nun in the corner at the edge of town who will direct yo to Mirgis. The main quest here is given by Mirgis, who lives in a wood in a clearing in a big wood to the east of Brymor (go south round the mountains to start with). The quest is to clear The Crypt of the Elves, and bring back the crystal shard, go slay some monsters, check the maps if you get stuck. After that, you would then go south into the desert. Go all the way down and then to the left, till you see a sort of "u" shaped water source. Once you get close enough, the crystal you get from the crypt of the elves will rise into the air revealing a tower. Go in, and loot the whole place. It has pretty good loot, too, all a steel level. Once you go to the third floor, fight Kyrella of Sands, and once you have on pick up all the loot and head back to Mirgis for a .... CUTSCENE!

Rygoran.  Edit

Head north and explore the Ogre Tunnels in the mountains until you find four crystals to power the shrine to the northwest of Rygoran. Beware the ogre tunnels are a complete mess. Each entrance can get you to a different section, some not even working. You're also going to grind a lot before you can face the bosses, don't even try till you've ggrinded at least 2 levels. Head nothwest of Rygoran tot he portal shrine. Once you install the crystals, the shrine will work and let you cross the river.  Search for Raguld up there. Carry on the journey to the north west. You arrive to the Lair of Raguld 360px-Lair_of_Raguld.png . Beat the boss, get the shard of light and bring it back to mirgis. Loot it, the enemies are easy, and the loot is great. You don't need to level up to beat Raguld, but you will need a good healer, because he deals a crap ton of damage.

you ll have still to found the others 3 stones.

He 'll stop the wind in the north sea so you get through the river with your boat and to the next town Stonebrook.

Stonebrook Edit

Speak to everybody in Stonebrook and you'll pick up a couple of side quests, these are useful for building some experience and some higher level equipment.  For the first sidequest, go all the way east, and then north into a cave. In the bones you will find a red-crested cape. You can also get skeleton keys from a merchant hidden in the forest in the east by the sea. To find the bandit with the ring, go north and a little east to the pathway that goes north parallel to the one tht goes to the Drawf Keep. Go into the top forest, and you will enter a cearing with Jeriz the Bandit.Yo Once you beat him, you get a nice dagger in the loot, or should I say a kris. It has a lot of stats to buff your shadowblade which is good. You'll want to get on with the main quest before long, leave Stonebrook  to the northwest and follow the edge of the map clockwise it'll lead you to a direct north path between two sets of mouintains, this leads to Mount Buglar and the entrance of the Dwarfs Keep.

The first level is a series of challenges, sort them all out to clear a path to the second level, then fight your way to the boss, there is a manapool just before the fight.  When you've won you'll get some Equipment and the second shard. The thing is with this is you basically have to loot the whole place before you can find all the levers. P.S. The loot in the first floor is not what you want, the one in the second floor is where the good stuff is.

Take the shard back to Mirgis to find out the next quest. BTW you get a cloud ship!!!!!!

Gargutan - Part 1Edit

So speak to everyone and you'll pick up side quests for Sandworm teeth and Mountain Giant eyeballs, following the hints about the location of the Giant valley will pay off briefly when entering you find an inactive Golem bocking the door and can go no further.  Other clues here will lead you to another town Cragshore to find a way to activate the golem. To get the sandworm teeth, wander around the desert. To get mountain eyeballs, go north in the area of Stonebrook, above the key merchant. If you find trees and harpies, you're in the right place.


You guessed it - talk to everyone, they tell you that there are crystals to animate golems and that you'll probably find them in the ruins on some islands to the south.  That advice is quite correct there are three sets of ruins A, B & C (feels like somebody was running out of ideas at this point). The ruins are of different difficulty levels suitable for characters around level 13 to 18. A annd B are easy for level 13-14. C is where you get the tough enemies. Once you have worked through them all it's back to Gargutan.

Didn't find any side quests here, just a warning not to go into the icy north, hint - don't go to the icy north!

Gargutan - Part 2 Edit

Well it's exploring the Giants Fortress really...

Main Quest Walkthrough Edit

This part of the content will inform you of the main quests in order. I will not tell you how the story goes, that is for you to find out. I will not spoil you on the challenges in the dungeons because honestly, I can't remember them, only that it is very easy puzzles and wouldn't take too much time. Hope you will find this walkthrough to be helpful.

Overworld Map Edit

Introducing the Overworld Map home to various levels of roaming monsters. The map is rather massive but you will go through it all regardless. It is very time consuming but it is quite fun if you love games like these as much as I do.

A thanks to my brother, DevilAlmighty for introducing me to this game and helping in the creation of my party members, Wizard, Blackguard, Mystic, and Bishop.

Larkwood - Cellar Tunnels Edit

You will begin your adventure to the cellar tunnels. Break the barrels and boxes in the tavern cellar to find the stairs for it. The area only has one path. Just head down to the Goblin Scout Boss and defeat it. Nothing special about this boss. You won't be able to go any further as there will be a rubble blocking you. Collect the map on the table and speak to Braxis in Larkwood. From there, head to the Old Larkwood Mines.

Old Larkwood Mines Edit

This area isn't too tough. At the end is Captain Bonecrush who will stop you in your path. Physical attacker, nothing impressive about him. You will go through it like a piece if chocolate cake. Keep on going ahead until you notice a ship. Aboard it and head back to Larkwood and speak to Braxis. Later go east and speak to a man name Mirgis. He is located pass the mountains from Brymor to the east into the forest. After that, head north till you reach the Crypt of the Elves

Crypt of the Elves Edit

Here you will have to retrieve a stone I think and it is being guarded by Bonespike. He too is mainly a physical attacker. (Somehow got very smart and started taking out my Spellcasters) After retrieving it. head south from Byrmor into the desert until you find a small tiny lake. When you arrive there the stone you collected will reveal a tower. Enter it.

Tower of the Witch Edit

This place is rather confusing. There are a number of stairs leading to different areas of the tower. Thankfully this place only has two floors. Keep one fighting until you have found the Witch, Kyrella of the Sands. Watch out for her spells. They can be rather painful if you did not prepare for it. Lowering her Focus helps a lot. After defeating her, you will take another stone from her. Take it to Mirgis. From there he will open up a portal that will take you to Rygoran. You should know what you need to retrieve right now but it will not be easy. Personally, I found the next part the most annoying of all. The Ogre Tunnels will be the next place you will need to go.

Ogre Tunnels - Shrine of Rygoran Edit

Now this place is rather irritating. It is a huge maze and you could get lost at times. However, unlike the previous areas that only has one entrance, this area has a few entrances. Travel to the north, east and northeast of Rygoran to find them. Inside this cave dwells four Ogre Bosses that are guarding a gem each. You're gonna have to find and retrieve them all. Each Ogre Boss have a different Element in them. I cannot remember it all but to be prepared for all of them, you're gonna have stock up on potions and crippling scrolls or spells. Also remember to cast buffs on your party members to prepare against them. After collecting all four gems, head to the Shrine of Rygoran and place the gems in the sockets on the walls. A portal will open leading you to the other side of the island. From there, head straight up to the Lair of Raguld.

Lair of Raguld Edit

This place isn't too hard to go through. At the end is Chief Raguld. Be prepared for a long fight as Raguld can tank a lot of damage as well as dealing high damage to your party members. He is susceptible to all DoT effects so cast them all if you can to drain his HP. After defeating him, you will get a Shard of Shattered Light which you must take back to Mirgis. He will inform you to retrieve the next Shard of Shattered Light at the Ancient Dwarf Keep which is located northwest of Stonebrook. Stonebrook is north of Brymor pass the narrow ocean (The strong winds pushing your back is gone now). There are two side quests in Stonebrook.

Ancient Dwarf Keep Edit

The first floor of this area is full of challenges that will open up barriers blocking your way to the second floor. It might take time if you keep encountering enemies constantly. Prepare some elemental resistance as the enemies here have elemental abilities. After clearing the puzzles and opening the barries blocking your way, head down to the second floor. Be careful though, the enemies on the second floor are stronger. The second floor does not have any puzzles so you can through it all. However, you do you DO still have to click some levers to get to the second part. At the end is the Dwarf King, Brugard. He has some pretty decent spells, and also deals decent damage to your party members. Make sure your healer has curing and healing waves because his attacks could deal AoE damage. After defeating him, take the Shard and bring it back to Mirgis. He will give you something I can't remember to restart an ancient cloudship. He will then tell you to head to Gargutan west of Rygoran using the cloudship. Gargutan has two side quests. You could head to Cragshore with the cloudship also which is located west of Stonebrook. There are no side quests available in Cragshore. North of Gargutan is a tower that looks similar to the tower of the witch.

Tower of Titans - Part 1 Edit

Inside the tower, you will see a massive golem blocking you from entering. You require the Golem Control in order to bring the Golem back to life . However it is split into three shards which is located in three ruins that looks like the crypt of the elves. These ruins are located south of Cragshore and are isolated by themselves on little islands. In order of the monsters' levels, you need to find the Ruins of Azaa, then the Ruins of Buza, and finally the Ruins of Cazu. There are no bosses here guarding these shards so all you have to do is go through the end and retrieve the Shards of Golem Control. A 'switch puzzle' is located in the Ruins of Buza but it shouldn't be too hard opening all the locked doors, just annoying.

Tower of Titans - Part 2 Edit

After retrieving all the Golem Control Shards from the ruins, go back to the tower previously mentioned above and activate the Golem. Be prepared for a long fight. It shouldn't be too tough since the Golem mainly has very high health and deals physical and earth damage. There will be no damage taken if you use earth attacks. After defeating it, you can pass through the tower. While exploring it, you will see that some of torches are lighted out. Light them up again. Make sure to find all of it so it will open the barrier near the pile of skulls blocking your path to the 2nd floor. I recommend you to go to all the other stairs on the first floor before going to the stairs near the pile of skulls. There are switches for you to press to open doors on the 2nd floor for you to pass through. Go through the entire 2nd floor collecting loot and experience points until you reach the 3rd floor where the Lich Boss, Leviathan is guarding the Shard. Level 20 is recommended for better survivability. (I managed to beat this boss at level 16 but I almost died and ran out of potions. I did not want to go through the annoying random encounters with monsters and I prepared level 20 spell books that deals DoT effect for my Wizard, Mystic, and Blackguard) The Lich's physical attacks have a chance to cast sleep on the entire party so watch out for that. It has some nasty AoE spells attacks and AoE detriment spells that weakens your party members' damaging and healing. Remember to stock up on potions. The Lich is susceptible to all DoT effects so cast your poison, air, nature, earth, fire, lightning, ice, light, and unholy blood spells. Retrieve the Shard and return back to Mirgis. Mirgis will give a concoction to melt the rubble in the Cellar Tunnels in Larkwood. Go through the cellar till you reach the Underworld.

Underworld Edit

The Underworld, level 21 - 25 enemies roams around this massive area. Firstly, keep on moving right while plowing through the monsters until you find the campsite of the Shark'uk. Nothing much available from the only one shop in the camp but stock up on the level 21 potions. There are two side quests available for you. Rest and save before moving out. The forest near the Cellar Tunnels cave can be entered and there two chests to open.

Note : There are forests' around that you can enter that contains treasure chests so be sure to check them all out. 

Next, you would need to go north of the Shark'uk camp into the Rocktooth Caverns. The Underworld is pretty huge so it will take some time to go through it all.

Rocktooth Caverns Edit

Simple map, just go through it. Be sure to collect the treasure chests. At the end is a Kobold Boss, Snaggletooth (Level 21). He can boost his party members with Earth attacks and deal AoE Crippling Earth to your party members. His physical attacks have a chance to deal Aoe Earth damage. He shouldn't be too strong if your level is 20 and above. Exit the cave from the stairs after defeating Snaggletooth and head towards the Taruk camp. Replenish what you need, rest and save. There are two side quests here same like the ones at Shark'uk camp. The next area would be Glimmershell Grotto. Be sure to check the forests. You might be able to enter and find treasure chests.

Glimmershell Grotto Edit

Level 22 enemies reside in Glimmershell Grotto. Just like the Rocktooth Caverns, go through it all. Take the lower path if you don't want to fight the boss so soon. Another Kobold Boss, Shellshock, stands in your path. Just like Snaggletooth, he has probability for his physical attacks to deal AoE Air damage. Deals AoE Air DoT, debuffs you with AoE Crippling Air, and buffs his friends with AoE Ice attacks from time to time. (Somehow keeps on dealing critical 1 one-hit kill to my Wizard and Mystic, and Cleric). Moving further into the underworld, you will find the campsite of the Darshuk clan. Only one side quest here asking for the same items. Keep venturing further into Razorspike Den. Remember to lookout for forests that you maybe able to enter and to find treasure chests there.

Razorspike Den Edit

You will see portals in Razorspike Den that takes you to other parts of the area. Take the one on the far left if you want to encounter the boss. At the end is a level 23 boss, Razorfang the Flame Gnoll. His only attack which I have seen is physical attacks with a chance to cast AoE Lightning Damage. The next camp is the Raksuk Camp. One side quests here available requesting the same items from the previous camps. Find for forests that have entrances. You might find some good items in treasure chests.

Bloodpaw Tunnels Edit

Venture further into the Bloodpaw Tunnels, home to level 24 enemies and Spittlepaw, the Gnoll Boss. Watch out for his Physical attacks for it has a high chance of dealing Miasma of Poison on all party members. He uses Dysil's Crippling Poison on all party members occasionally. Finally, you will reach the final campsite of the Zazuk clan. Restock anything you require, rest, save, and move on to the Lair of the Claw. Forests with treasure chests nearby so be on the lookout.

Lair of the Claw Edit

You'll notice two doors blocking your way. Head towards the left to switch open the middle door, leading you to the kobold captain, General Icetooth the Sorcerer, level 25. His physical attacks are extremely powerful (more than 3000 damage I think). He can cast random Eryne's AoE elemental attacks that damages or cripples your party members. If you're unlucky, he may paralyze your entire group (Thankfully I had equipments that boosts vitality a whole lot for my spellcasters). The good thing is that his turn usually comes up last. Just keep throwing your attacks at him and make sure to have sufficient potions to heal or resurrect since he uses his magic spells most of the time. It might take a while to defeat this boss since you need to balance between healing and attacking at the same time but if you can constantly cripple his Focus, his magic attacks will not be so threatening anymore. Switch open the second door after defeating Icetooth and head towards the next boss, the level 25 Gnoll, General Firepaw. His physical attacks are also as powerful as Icetooth and can hit twice with probability of an AoE fire attack. His turn comes up pretty fast, usually on the first or second turn. He can also cast Eryne's Infusion of Darkness buffing his pals with Dark attacks. The worst part is that he can cast Fog of Aloofness or Dithering Fog , putting everyone to sleep or confusing them and then attacks physically, killing off your party members one by one, or watching you kill your own members which is hilarious. Your buffs will be significantly lowered too so be sure to check them out so you can recast them again. You could cripple his Strength to weaken his attacks or lower his Agility so he will not attack first. Make sure your group is HP / Vitality oriented instead of Strength, Spirit, or Focus oriented. Take your time healing and dealing damage until he is dead.

That's the end of the game so far. Please wait for more updates or pay for the full version. :D
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